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Where Canada’s next generation of doctors start their careers.

So, you’re one of those people who actually reads the About page—cool! Here are some of the questions you probably came here to have answered.

What do we do?

At onboardMD, our mission is simple: to help Canada’s next generation of doctors navigate the beginning of their medical careers. From choosing the right school, to managing applications, to surviving classes, residency, and the first years of practice, we give young physicians the tools and information they need to simplify their complicated lives and focus on what really matters: taking care of their patients—and themselves. Our suite of tools is growing quickly, so come back often to check out (and test-drive) all the things we’re building for you.

Who are we?

An enthusiastic team of researchers, developers, writers and designers who want to change the way doctors become doctors. We know that the early years of a physician’s career are often the hardest, and we believe we can change that.

The onboardMD platform has been developed by MD Financial Management.

How can you help?

We also know that we can’t do this alone. To make it work, we collaborate with students and doctors to develop our solutions. So if you see something on the site that can be improved, needs to be fixed, or is missing completely, please reach out to us directly.