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Whether you’re a pre-med curious about how to get into medical school in Canada, a medical student unsure of what comes next, or a resident trying to understand how to move on to practice, onboardMD is here to help you.

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Your path from pre-med to medical school, residency and into practice.

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Specialty Navigator

Compare more than 30 medical specialties on everything from competitiveness and career prospects to salary and work-life balance.

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Browse comprehensive information on all of Canada’s medical schools, compare them, and get a clear view of which program is right for you.

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Answer a few simple questions to find out where you’re eligible to apply, where you’ll shine, and what you might be missing to qualify.

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Build a personalized schedule of deadlines for all of your Canadian medical school applications.

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How to find the confidence you need to ace your interviews and get accepted to med school.

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